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Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in Creative Passion, Featured | 0 comments

6 Things That Don’t Require Talent

6 Things That Don’t Require Talent

Performing at the top of your creative game isn’t just about talent, it’s about making choices to set yourself apart from people who have talent alone.

Before the start of every football season, former Ohio State coach, Jim Tressel, gives a manual to all his players to read. In it is a section called, “Things That Do Not Require Talent”.

Considering the amazing athletes who have played for Ohio State and the awards they’ve won, it’s fascinating to see the value Coach Tressel places on six key words.

Not only are they important on the football field they’re important in the creative world too.

Here’s his list of 6 things that don’t require talent…

1. Passion. Passion will take you a long way, get you through closed doors, and sustain you longer than the next person. And it doesn’t require talent.

2. Initiative. You won’t get very far without initiative. It’s the one thing that will push you further then you’ve been before. Initiative ignites talent. The absence of initiative defuses it.

3. Teachability. Often a talented person won’t listen to others around him, because he or she relies so strongly on talent. This kind of attitude leads to unteachablity. The thing that will separate you from the pack is a willingness to accept teaching, correction, and discipline.

4. Attitude. The right attitude costs nothing and requires no specific skill. But it can set the course for your life and your work. A winning attitude costs nothing but pays back great dividends.

5. Courage. The courage to act, take risk, move forward, and step out has nothing to do with your skill set or talent. It has to do with a choice. Ask yourself what kind of person youʼll be, courageous or cowardly.

6. Focus. People who are focused get things done. Talent won’t get it done for you. Talent won’t help you complete a task or mission. But focus (a non-talent characteristic) will.

Work on these 6 qualities that do not require talent. Make them a part of your life and the life of your creative team.

“The key choices you make – apart from the natural talent you already have – will set you apart from others who have talent alone.”